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Business Profile

  • The unsolved asphalt issues are how to strengthen and preserve paved roads, highways, stressed areas like passenger and cargo loading zones and parking lots. 

  • AdIP designs advanced preservation and repair, asphalt, concrete and most metals including steel infrastructure solutions.

  • We pride ourselves on providing professional results and guarantee you will be satisfied with our products and work.


What is APR-SGB®: Soil Gravel Binder

  • APR-SGB® is an advance product with capabilities to stabilize soil and gravel roads. 

  • It is formulated using adhesive petroleum resin and is as an environmentally friendly solution.


What is APR-Lite®?

  • Robust, durable, and ‘very tacky’ liquid additive designed for military use (Google 'APR-Lite YouTube' for video demonstration).

  • Simple to use - dilute with water (1:1), then spray and fill the pothole.

  • Coating fills cracks and binds most fillers like Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP), asphalt millings, cold- and hot-mixes.

  • 90% recycled material when combined with RAP. 

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